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Updated: May 5

Why are TUTEEMI tutors different from the rest?

The #tutors we represent are professional, committed and independent. They are frequently praised for its efficiency, dedication and responsiveness. We care about each of the tutors personality, expertise and commitment to build a long lasting relationships with our clients. We make sure to review all of their legal documents to be in Taiwan and spend enough time interviewing each of them.

Characteristics of a TUTEEMI tutor

  • At least bilingual

  • Outgoing

  • Deeply care about education

  • Believe in creating an impact

  • Adapt easily to other cultures

  • Experience teaching and learning new languages

  • Understanding of Taiwanese culture and education

We are a team, not just another tutoring agency.

We believe in improving one student at a time!

We welcome - and read - all applications. We do get lots, though, so please be patient for a response. Unfortunately we turn down far more applications than we accept.  

How does TUTEEMI select its tutors?

After a rigorous selection procedure very few of the applicants are called for an interview. We spend the time needed to do some a background check, verifying qualifications, reviewing the visa status of each tutor and collecting references.

1. Tutors submit an online application and are judged on their experience, how long they can commit (at least 2 semesters) and their academic record.

2. All TUTEEMI tutors have been interviewed face-to-face.

3. We make sure they have taught in the past, either 1-1 or in a classroom.

4. After being accepted tutors give a 40min trial class to the the selected client or student before being successfully matched.

Application periods:

January 15th to February 15th

September 1st to September 30th


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